Thursday, December 9, 2010


Everything you need to know for a job, your employer teaches you. There is always training. They don't care that you got 90% on your multiple choice college test. Who gives a what?
They care that you are there and that you are learning exactly what they are telling you.
So why the hell am I wasting thousands of dollars to go to school to get a piece of paper ("diploma")?
Cuz in reality, NOBODY CARES.


randan. says:
 you were born in urgay
Mike says:
 u were born gay

I won.
p.p.s. yes his name is randan, the 'B' was cut off his birth certificate upon birth, thus forever changing his name officially to randan. true story.


  1. poor randan :[
    followin and supportin!

  2. yes thats almost true but i you make a technic you learn the job in your cours

  3. its not even that true! "b" isn't even that nice of a letter anyways.

    im 10 grand in debt to school and don't have anything to show for it.

    nicky six thinks im a genius though.

  4. randon just needs to change the last n in his name to an m. then that whole connection between b and random will make sense.

  5. maybe with what you want to do employers teach people everything, but there are occupations in life that require 6 years of school before practicum/residency or engineer-in-training at a workplace - counting on employers would take them too far away from their purpose of serving clients.

  6. I can see certain professions not REALLY needing a college education. But there are tons that do, and I'm thankful they require them :)

    I think Randan is a cool name, mistake or not.

  7. im feeling you on this man. thousands and thousands for a peice of shit paper. im so pissed off thinking about it.

  8. many professions you need some kind of degree just to enter.

  9. better college=better salary= better life

  10. I liked going to college and living in the dorms was a fun time.

  11. The biggest boost it gives you is in the hiring process-- the better your degree the more likely you are to get noticed.

  12. agreed, thats why many people acquiring employment just lie about their qualifications. It doesnt necessarily mean the quality of their work is any less than that of an individual with a degree. (well in many fields; i sure wouldnt trust a surgeon or lawyer without proper qualifications)

  13. Depends on your job. I'm in civil engineering. There is some stuff that employers just don't have time to teach mathematics, physics, and problem solving.

    Good luck surviving any infrastructure built by someone incompetent in any of those fields.

    But yeah for some shit, it's easy. Especially if you major includes multiple choice all the way across it. That's just pathetic.

  14. Hey just to have that piece of degree paper (that I don't know where I put) is all worth it.

  15. In all honesty I think its a way to thin out real and serious applicants for employment.... If they didnt have standards for things such as college degrees, then shmucks like me would kicking down the door at Google or Apple demanding that they make me an awesome job like CEO of the company... I mean how hard can it be?