Monday, December 6, 2010


Here's what I find funny. Retards who are born and raised in Canada, who GET IN GOD DAMN CAR ACCIDENTS THE MOMENT SNOW TOUCHES THE GROUND.they have been here before. they understand snow, how can they not figure out that it is slippery and FSU.

i drive on the highway the day after it snow and theres 4 car accidents. Do people not learn? Then again you got the 150 year olds who drive like 150 year olds. Personally if I was that close to death id get try and get to where i was going quicker.

Which reminds me of something else funny. The other day my grandpa was asked to buy a 20 yr warranty/insurance BS for something he bought. WTF. What does he care if his fuckin item lasts 20 yrs. He doesn't even buy green bananas.

To conclude this train wreck of a post, heres a pic my friend took.

They aren't even TRYING to hide the sole purpose of body lotion anymore. I FEEL SEXY


  1. You think old people would drive faster, they have less time left!

    Followin! :)

  2. This would make a great joke gift for christmas!!

  3. I want some of that lotion. I wonder if it smells good. Nothing worse than having a smell that is supposed to be pleasant that actually isn't.

    Although I've never driven in proper snow, I do know what you mean. I live in Texas, and sometimes when it RAINS people drive as if they were teleported into their car from the year 1487.

  4. Hahahaha Happy time xD
    more like sexy time

  5. I gotta get myself some happy time body lotion, because this hand sanitizer is making my hands feel like rubber and people are getting suspicious about all the empty bottles of hand sanitizer lying around.

  6. "happy time" sounds pretty good to me.
    Slippery when wet.

  7. im in vancouver and i have get used to it man;
    snow = morons on the road

  8. Nivea? Blergh
    The sudden snow here has caused mayhem...

  9. I'm using some nieva right now ;)

  10. I drive like a fucking asshole in the snow and you know that from experience. Let's take my explorer out, grab a coffee and do some donuts (cause eating donuts has fucked up my waist line)

  11. Tell me about it! I imagine canada is pretty bad for snow, but here in scotland people have just been abandoning cars on the motorways!

    Nice pic by the by