Saturday, November 27, 2010

prety much drunk as fuck boys

ehey guys im pretty drunk as fuck .., about to fg o to the bar,..gonna elt my friends express their opinon/ what is on their mind ... please dont take offenxe the7 dont know u guys and they dont understand whats goin on.., thanks huys i mean gusy

Shawn- im a huge lebanese nig nog, i completely miss my friends.. fuck this all reminds me of night back in the day. randan and brad are gay 100%.. no doubt in my mind.. its kinda fucked up.. i miss everything about this shit its fucked up as well. anyways im out. enjoy life. peace

my name is bodiddly, im fucking shitty druhnk. i like to eat puissyu . it doesnt feven taste bad. because im better then brad,. brb i gotta hit bard

shawn- Randan just ass fucked brad, thats fucked. im goin tog home. peace/


  1. Most entertaining thing I've seen on a blog all day. Party hard guys

  2. Really er... Interesting, guys :)
    Have fun haha

  3. Going to the bar after writing this post was obviously a great decision. Haha hope you had fun.